Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Snapchat Geofilter?

Snapchat allows users to submit a Geofilter for personal events, weddings, parties, etc.

I will create the Geofilter artwork for you to submit, but you must submit it for approval by Snapchat and pay applicable Snapchat fees.

I am not affiliated with Snapchat.

How Do I Submit a Geofilter to Snapchat?

You can submit your Geofilter here

1. Click "Create Now"
2. Use My Own / Upload the .png file I emailed to you
3. Choose the date and time you want your Geofilter to be live.
4. Draw on the map the location you want your Geofilter to be visible.
5. Submit payment and confirm. 

*Be sure to double check that your date/time and location are correct before submitting. You cannot make any changes to your Geofilter once you’ve submitted your order with Snapchat. If you want to make any changes you will need to cancel your order and submit a new order.

*Price is dependent on length of time and size of area for your Geofilter, but pricing starts at $5.

How Long Does it Take for Snapchat to Approve my Geofilter?

Snapchat needs a few hours to 1 day to approve your Geofilter. (Yes you can submit it on the weekend and the same day of your event). Please keep this in mind when placing your order with me. I advise you to submit it ASAP in case it is rejected or in a popular area. (Snapchat limits the number of filters at every location). 

What if my Geofilter is Rejected by Snapchat?

In the rare chance that your filter is rejected due to an issue with the artwork, I'm more than happy to fix it as long as there is enough time to correct and re-submit.

Snapchat may also reject your filter if there are already several filters in that area so submit early!

Please review Snapchat's artwork guidelines below before placing a custom order with me, as the following cannot be included:

-NO logos or trademarks you don't have the authorization to use
-NO photographs of people
-NO hashtags
-NO personal information like full names, phone numbers, emails, URLs, or user names
-NO drug-related content or the word "drunk"

Please see Snapchat's full Submission Guidelines

Can I Submit a Geofilter Anywhere in the World?

Unfortunately, no. At this time Snapchat only allows personal Geofilters in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

At its discretion, Snapchat may deem any time & area a "featured event," which only allows a certain number of geofilters at a much higher cost. You will not even have the ability to submit a geofilter in the time/area of a featured event unless you select the featured event option and price. This is mainly relevant for large events like concerts, games, award shows, etc. I am not responsible for the rejection of a geofilter due to a featured event. If you are unsure if your geofilter will be affected, a list of featured events can be found ahead of time on Snapchat's website.

How Long Does it Take to Create my Geofilter?

Turnaround time for a fully custom filter is 2-5 business days.

Turnaround time for a personalized filter (adding your name into the filters that are already created) takes 1 business day.

If you need your Geofilter in a shorter timeframe, I am more than happy to try to accommodate you! But please contact me PRIOR to ordering to ensure it can fit in my production schedule. A $10 rush charge will apply to expedited orders requested in a faster time than stated above.